"Furious 7" IMAX (2015)- Review

Paul Walker was a wonderful and valuable cast member in these films & he will be and still is deeply missed all over America! The send-off that this film gives him was pure perfection. He retired from the fast and furious life & lived his life with Mia and his family. Paul and Vin driving and going their separate paths signifies that Brian is on his only journey and Dom is on his own path but no matter how far apart their worlds may be- one FACT still remains- they will ALWAYS be both close and brothers for life- in both the movie and in real life. 

The closing beach scene was hard for me to watch because I knew; as we all do, know that Paul's character would not be returning. A lot of people in the audience teared up and clapped afterwards. That was our tribute to him and what he did for us. Paul gave us one hell of a ride with these movies and all the other movies that he made for us and the charities that he set up for animals and for people. 

Paul Walker was a tremendous man and he did so much for so many people. I had the opportunity to meet him when I worked with him on Hours. I will never forget that experience! This movie taught a lot about family and love and Honor. Letty and Dom found their way back to each other; Deckard wanted revenge for Owen's takedown, which is about family; Mia and Brian's family was growing; Hobbs had to rely on Dom to help him capture Shaw; there are so many examples of how this film relayed life lessons to us all. 

I know Paul would have been pleased with the film overall. it seems like each film only gets better and better. Dom flying cars was just insane and in IMAX as well- that was quite the experience to see! Tyrese was acting a fool as always. We needed a little bit of humor in the film and he provides that. My favorite part of the film was the girl fight between Letty and the female Head of Security. 

The opening music and credits to the movie was killa and so appropriate! Most of the people in the audience were dancing while in their seats! It was a great journey and ride for all seven of the films and if more are made, I honestly have no idea how I will be able to fully give my usual 100% knowing that Paul will NOT be in them- its something that I don't think I can ever get accustomed to. Ever. 

A piece of me wants this to be the last movie and another piece of me does not want this family to end. With Paul's passing, it has really hurt me hard. Right now, I don't know if I can watch any movie with him in it or what. I have never personally known and met an actor and then have them pass away like Paul did. Its so surreal to me. 

I am grateful that this film is soaring in the Box Office and that Paul is in heaven looking down on all of us and thanking us for giving him and amazing ride while he was here on earth and now he is in heaven having an astounding ride with his Father! I miss and love you, Paul Walker! Always!