"Unfriended" (2015)- Review

The movie brought a new meaning to the word, "cyber." I mean the movie was good: it was not spectacular or bad even. It was just average. I felt like I was watching American Pie with all the messenger chats and stuff mixed with The Blaire Witch Project. Lol! All of the chats, skype videos, and the Facebook instant messages. 

I felt like I was looking at myself and so many others who cyber chat in today's society. The same noises, the same icons, the same rings and sounds you hear on Skype, Yahoo, and everything made the film so realistic and very believable, to me at least. That is one thing about the movie that I appreciated. The kills were not as gruesome and were not frightening- but they served its purpose though. 

The film had the elements to be a great scary success and I have never seen a movie like this before- seeing the characters get killed on camera in a group video feed in a movie before. It is a brand new concept that I think a lot of other movies will try to incorporate. We'll see! 

The film has twists and suspense but just not enough to make you be engrossed in the film and on the edge of your seat terrified- but this movie was pretty entertaining and it had some funny parts in it.