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"San Andreas" (2015)- Review

It was incredibly tough and rough to watch this film. I felt like I was watching Lone Survivor all over again. It is very freighting to know that earthquakes really do happen & that what I saw in this film really exists- today. I am so thankful that I did not see this movie in 3D because I would have had worse nightmares than the ones I had last night! Lol! The cast did an excellent job and The Rock did his thing. The film might have been about earthquakes- but it was about so much more than that! Believe me!

It was about family, love, coming together and strength. The family that the movie was centered on passed every single obstacle that was placed in their path by the devastation of the quake. I loved how the parents came together to find their daughter; I loved how the movie showed that in times of distress, who is weak and whom is strong; this movie was more than a action film about earthquakes- it was all about unity AND facing the hardest task in life- and that is making dec…

"Pitch Perfect 2" (2015)- Review

This movie was REMARKABLE! The opening to the movie was funny before the movie even came on! I was laughing hysterically from pitch start til aca-finish! These movies are really delightful and highly entertaining. Rebel Wilson gives it the extra big phat splash like a big juicy bonus! All of the cast did an outstanding job- but Wilson really gives the movie that extra umph! 

She is so funny that you cannot control your laughter! I am laughing just thinking about the crazy stunts that she does in the movie! Banks directed the film and she did a damn stellar and flawless job! Everything was picture perfect! It was Pitch Perfect- like literally! I can go on & on about what my favorite parts of the movie were but the ENTIRE movie was perfect! Everything and everyone did a beautiful job! I was waiting for a year to see this film and for that day to finally felt like I had gotten the best Christmas gift ever....only got it 7 months early! 

This was a movie that I could not wai…

"Hot Pursuit" (2015)- Review

First off, Witherspoon & Vergara have on-screen chemistry. Even though this movie was funny and stupid in a good way, I felt it could have been a but more funnier. I did not laugh hysterically as I anticipated on doing. But it was still highly enjoyable for me to watch! There was never a dull moment with Vergara! My gosh- that actress is kicks. 

Her accent and what she says in English just makes her more funny to me. Lol! Reese was funny, but Sofia was FUNNY. Sofia just has a way of bringing comedy alive by either saying or doing the simplest of things and I love that about her. It just comes naturally to her. Even though this is a comedy- there are some wacky twists & wackier turns... 

These two ladies really made a terrific movie that is enjoyable for anyone of any age. Some of my favorite scenes in the film were actually in the clips and trailers that can be found online anywhere. This movie has the potential to make you wet from crying and bursting out in laughter at these tw…

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015)- Review

There were some dull & slow parts in the film, but other than those parts- I loved the film. The Avengers always will have some sort of humor connected with them. I LOVED the introduction of the two new new characters. I look forward to the ending credits to every Marvel film because there is always a teaser at the end and I don't know why because all of the millions of fans know that more movies are coming but why not give us a peek two years early! Lol! 

Downey is a nutball- his humor as Iron Man just radiates off of him and then onto Hemsworth and to the next character. That is one thing that I love the best about the Avengers- no matter what obstacle they face, they will find some sort of a way to add a joke to it to lighten the mood of what is to come their way. Ruffalo & Johnasson really had their flames igniting too in an "green" sort of a way that is incredibly big of both of them. Ha! The movie was really enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next and…