"Hot Pursuit" (2015)- Review

First off, Witherspoon & Vergara have on-screen chemistry. Even though this movie was funny and stupid in a good way, I felt it could have been a but more funnier. I did not laugh hysterically as I anticipated on doing. But it was still highly enjoyable for me to watch! There was never a dull moment with Vergara! My gosh- that actress is kicks. 

Her accent and what she says in English just makes her more
funny to me. Lol! Reese was funny, but Sofia was FUNNY. Sofia just has a way of bringing comedy alive by either saying or doing the simplest of things and I love that about her. It just comes naturally to her. Even though this is a comedy- there are some wacky twists & wackier turns..

These two ladies really made a terrific movie that is enjoyable for anyone of any age. Some of my favorite scenes in the film were actually in the clips and trailers that can be found online anywhere. This movie has the potential to make you wet from crying and bursting out in laughter at these two ladies. They give great performances!


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