"Pitch Perfect 2" (2015)- Review

This movie was REMARKABLE! The opening to the movie was funny before the movie even came on! I was laughing hysterically from pitch start til aca-finish! These movies are really delightful and highly entertaining. Rebel Wilson gives it the extra big phat splash like a big juicy bonus! All of the cast did an outstanding job- but Wilson really gives the movie that extra umph! 

She is so funny that you cannot control your laughter! I am laughing just thinking about the crazy stunts that she does in the movie! Banks directed the film and she did a damn stellar and flawless job! Everything was picture perfect! It was Pitch Perfect- like literally! I can go on & on about what my favorite parts of the movie were but the ENTIRE movie was perfect! Everything and everyone did a beautiful job! I was waiting for a year to see this film and for that day to finally arrive...it felt like I had gotten the best Christmas gift ever....only got it 7 months early! 

This was a movie that I could not wait to unwrap! The cast was perfect and to see some of the old cast mates from Part 1 in the film only made it better like a Pitch Reunion. I have a feeling these movies will be like the American Pie movies with reunion movies and song camps, etc. 

I sure hope so because these movies are epic and funny and just a pure delight! The movie was so good that I am speechless and have nothing more that I can say except go get pitch-slapped dammit and you will never wanna get slapped again- you will wanna get aca-pitch slapped and slide own the stairs to break you into this fabulous aca-family!


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