"San Andreas" (2015)- Review

It was incredibly tough and rough to watch this film. I felt like I was watching Lone Survivor all over again. It is very freighting to know that earthquakes really do happen & that what I saw in this film really exists- today. I am so thankful that I did not see this movie in 3D because I would have had worse nightmares than the ones I had last night! Lol! The cast did an excellent job and The Rock did his thing. The film might have been about earthquakes- but it was about so much more than that! Believe me!

It was about family, love, coming together and strength. The family that the movie was centered on passed every single obstacle that was placed in their path by the devastation of the quake. I loved how the parents came together to find their daughter; I loved how the movie showed that in times of distress, who is weak and whom is strong; this movie was more than a action film about earthquakes- it was all about unity AND facing the hardest task in life- and that is making decisions that can affect the future. 

This film was intense but not by the quakes, but intense in the aspect of emotions and all the other factors that I previously discussed. Ad mist everything being broken and falling apart, this movie as a whole could not be any sturdier! This was a great film but was difficult for me to watch, but I connected to the message that I feel it was trying to relay to its audiences!