"Spy" (2015)- Review

This movie was hilarious as can be! Melissa McCarthy is a riot! She is a hot damn mess! I could not contain myself or my laughter! I have no words to describe this movie other than to invent words/phrases such as: spytasticspytacularspyrrificspysationally spytasticalspyquisitespytroadinary; and so many others! 

There was a twist in the movie that I did not see coming and I loved that. The jokes that McCarthy told about Byrne's character's clothes and hair was just so- her! I could not see anyone else playing the roles that everyone portrayed in the movie! It was the best R-rated comedy movie ever!!! 

When the opening credits came on, I felt like I was watching a remake of 007's Skyfall- so true! I kid you not! Byrne really got into her role for this film. I have never seen her portray a villain before of this magnitude. The movie had humor, it had some gruesome images, it had action, it had my full attention- besides being a huge success, it had everything to make this movie a huge hit! 

Statham really acted like a bad-ass like he does in all of his action films, but in this one he got to add a little humor in it and that was a delight to see on screen! I cannot wait to see Spy 2 and to buy this movie on BluRay so I can be an agent and not miss out on seeing a thing in 1080P HDLol! A really enjoyable film this was and even though I saw it a week early, I may pay and see it again because it was just that SPY-TAC-to the damn-ULAR like a 50 Cent piece!