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"The Gift" (2015)- Review

Such an amazing gift!!! Yes, I am referring to this movie! Every time I saw trailer for it, I was like, eh. I am so glad that I did see it. It was amazing and not scary at all. It was more of a suspense/psychological thriller. Edgerton really outdid his role in the film. Bateman & Hall did great jobs as well, but all the credit must go to Joel Edgerton! He played the part of a disturbed and socially-awkward individual flawlessly! 

There were times where something happened in the movie that can make you jump or scream, but not in a horrific way. I really loved this movie and I was wrong to ever doubt it- it is VERY entertaining and it keeps you interested. Interested in the characters and a particular interest in why Gordo behaved as he did and the ending to the movie was pure perfection. Have you ever heard the old saying- "an eye for an eye?" Killer ending! Literally!

There is NOTHINGbad that I can say about the movie. It keeps you guessing and wondering and some things I…

"Vacation" (2015)- Review

The movie was superb! I will never get over the fact that when actors act so stupidly in some comedy movies, it is hysterically funny! So many random thoughts flow through my mind when I see films like that and this was, indeed, one of them! Applegate & Helms nailed it! And those brothers- rocked it & they were just a bonus! Lol! I mean the overall movie was hilarious! The things that I saw in the film were so dumb, but not as dumb as people act in a spoof movie. 

I assume that there are different levels to dumbness! Lol! My all time favorite scene of the movie absolutely had to be the "hot spring" scene. The scenes with Chris Hemsworth were awesome, too. It's just so hard to narrow down anything because it was all so good and the opening titles to the movie: that deserves its own award! 

I have never laughed so hard in all my life and had my mouth open in such awe at something that had me completely speechless. I am laughing now thinking about another scene when H…

"Southpaw" (2015)- Review

Jake gave a stellar performance. Throughout the entire movie, I felt like he was just "slow" aka retarded because of the way he was talking- like stuttering and things like that. McAdams really did a dynamite job until she was killed off. THAT IS NOT A SPOILER BECAUSE IT WAS SHOWN IN THE TRAILER! I'm really not into boxing but how could I pass up seeing a movie with Jake, Rachel, 50, and Forest? Come on now?!?!? 

The movie was intense and had a deep message to relay to the audience. It really packs a punch and was phenomenal. I am not talking about all of the fighting. The major lessons that I saw in this film was (1) Maureen always tried to get Billy to see how his boxing would affect his personal life and relationship with his daughter; he had anger issues and fighting was how he worked it out but his wife was wanting him to see the bigger picture of boxing and what it truly means and stands for & (2) how to fight for the right things and know what is important and …

"Self/Less" (2015)- Review

I don't know what Rotten Tomatoes was talking about but the premise to this movie was electric and full of zest and was very entertaining to watch! I loved this film despite what the critics are saying about it. Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley make a great team in acting and in the actual movie. The characters that they portrayed were magnificent. 

I felt like I was in a dream for most of the movie until I caught on- never knowing who was whom or who or what was real. It tests your knowledge very well. I loved that about the movie, actually- the fact that it wasn't so predictable and the ending gave the movie the title of Selfless. It was magical how the film ended and it was so "fitting" and perfect what Kinglsey's character did for Mark at the end of the movie. It was like out of the 7 Deadly Sins, the title of this movie fits into it. I do not want to give much away but if you see the movie, you can see where I am going with what I just stated. 

Goode really play…

"Magic Mike XXL" (2015)- Review

This was not the film that I was expecting from all the publicity and the hot and sizzling XXL trailers- there was not enough stripping going on. They only danced and really got into it at THE END OF THE MOVIE! The trailers made you think it was going to be out of this world sizzling and hotter and XXL and so much fireworks- the excitement was in the damn trailers rather than in the actual movie itself! Honest! Channing danced some and showed off his dance skills; sadly- with clothes mostly on than off! Sorry ladies!

It was like a tease until the big reveal; which I said was at the end of the movie. The other male strippers provided what we wanted to see but the main cast members did not get into it until the very end. The introduction of Rome was mind-blowing! JadaP. Smith really knows how to MC & she added the spice and flare to the movie in every scene that she was in! I loved the fact that she was in this movie! I still cannot get over that! 

The movie had some hot and jaw-dropp…

"Terminator: Genisys" in IMAX 3D (2015)- Review

I feel like this movie was Terminators 1 & 2 meshed together as one but the only thing that was different was the role of John Connor and how he was portrayed and the fact that the ending ended- differently. It was like watching the first two films all over again but in the new millennium! Lol!

Arnold looked badass but he is aging. Maybe he should retire the term, terminator because he is getting destroyed with his age. Lol! Seriously, though! I feel like there should have been another actress to portray the role of Sarah Connor because the actress playing that role was a small and tiny little girl. I needed to see a taller and more bad-ass grown woman play that role. Sorry Emilia! No need to see the movie in 3D because there is nothing flying out at you! Nothing! SAVE YOUR EXTRA MONEY!!! Other than these flaws, the movie was average. Jai did a great job as Kyle Reese! 

I loved his part and his acting. It was fierce and blunt just like the ORIGINAL Kyle Reese in Terminator 1. It wa…