"Magic Mike XXL" (2015)- Review

This was not the film that I was expecting from all the publicity and the hot and sizzling XXL trailers- there was not enough stripping going on. They only danced and really got into it at THE END OF THE MOVIE! The trailers made you think it was going to be out of this world sizzling and hotter and XXL and so much fireworks- the excitement was in the damn trailers rather than in the actual movie itself! Honest! Channing danced some and showed off his dance skills; sadly- with clothes mostly on than off! Sorry ladies!

It was like a tease until the big reveal; which I said was at the end of the movie. The other male strippers provided what we wanted to see but the main cast members did not get into it until the very end. The introduction of Rome was mind-blowing! Jada P. Smith really knows how to MC & she added the spice and flare to the movie in every scene that she was in! I loved the fact that she was in this movie! I still cannot get over that! 

The movie had some hot and jaw-dropping moments and moves. It was very wild to watch and enjoyable to see. Joe and Jada made the movie with their movements and acting skills. Matt Bomber shined in his final dance entitled, "How Does It Feel?"  Rodriguez was a riot with his "treats." Lol! This should be the end of the Magic Mike movies- it went out with a good ending and even though millions want to see films like this....the magic can be alive on DVD or a real-life strip club!