"Southpaw" (2015)- Review

Jake gave a stellar performance. Throughout the entire movie, I felt like he was just "slow" aka retarded because of the way he was talking- like stuttering and things like that. McAdams really did a dynamite job until she was killed off. THAT IS NOT A SPOILER BECAUSE IT WAS SHOWN IN THE TRAILER! I'm really not into boxing but how could I pass up seeing a movie with Jake, Rachel, 50, and Forest? Come on now?!?!? 

The movie was intense and had a deep message to relay to the audience. It really packs a punch and was phenomenal. I am not talking about all of the fighting. The major lessons that I saw in this film was (1) Maureen always tried to get Billy to see how his boxing would affect his personal life and relationship with his daughter; he had anger issues and fighting was how he worked it out but his wife was wanting him to see the bigger picture of boxing and what it truly means and stands for & (2) how to fight for the right things and know what is important and what is worth fighting for and what is not worth literally fighting for. 

Those two messages I feel the film really portrayed and Whitaker's character really tapped into that more for Billy- forcing him to take a step back and realize what he was doing and why things were happening to him and in his life; the same as what his wife tried to get him to understand. This is a deep movie with a lot of deep issues. Gyllenhaal and McAdams/Whitaker have on-screen magic in this movie. This film should get tons of nominations at the Oscars next year, I feel! Truly! 

The movie is about more than fighting; it is about survival and fighting for what is important without using your fists and anger; but using what Billy was hardly using- his mind.