"Terminator: Genisys" in IMAX 3D (2015)- Review

I feel like this movie was Terminators 1 & 2 meshed together as one but the only thing that was different was the role of John Connor and how he was portrayed and the fact that the ending ended- differently. It was like watching the first two films all over again but in the new millennium! Lol!

Arnold looked badass but he is aging. Maybe he should retire the term, terminator because he is getting destroyed with his age. Lol! Seriously, though! I feel like there should have been another actress to portray the role of Sarah Connor because the actress playing that role was a small and tiny little girl. I needed to see a taller and more bad-ass grown woman play that role. Sorry Emilia! No need to see the movie in 3D because there is nothing flying out at you! Nothing! SAVE YOUR EXTRA MONEY!!! Other than these flaws, the movie was average. Jai did a great job as Kyle Reese! 

I loved his part and his acting. It was fierce and blunt just like the ORIGINAL Kyle Reese in Terminator 1. It was a long movie but the action never stopped and it was funny to see in IMAX some of the same things you saw in the older movies but in a clearer, larger, and louder way. It was like bringing in the oldies to the new world of the theater.