"Vacation" (2015)- Review

The movie was superb! I will never get over the fact that when actors act so stupidly in some comedy movies, it is hysterically funny! So many random thoughts flow through my mind when I see films like that and this was, indeed, one of them! Applegate & Helms nailed it! And those brothers- rocked it & they were just a bonus! Lol! I mean the overall movie was hilarious! The things that I saw in the film were so dumb, but not as dumb as people act in a spoof movie. 

I assume that there are different levels to dumbness! Lol! My all time favorite scene of the movie absolutely had to be the "hot spring" scene. The scenes with Chris Hemsworth were awesome, too. It's just so hard to narrow down anything because it was all so good and the opening titles to the movie: that deserves its own award! 

I have never laughed so hard in all my life and had my mouth open in such awe at something that had me completely speechless. I am laughing now thinking about another scene when Helms asked Applegate to "do something and the car would protect him from it." I loved the movie- it was a riot! The boys were a riot! The car was a riot! The parents were a riot! Everything and everyone was riot! The trip was a riot! Just go see it and get "riot'd up!"


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