"The Gift" (2015)- Review

Such an amazing gift!!! Yes, I am referring to this movie! Every time I saw trailer for it, I was like, eh. I am so glad that I did see it. It was amazing and not scary at all. It was more of a suspense/psychological thriller. Edgerton really outdid his role in the film. Bateman & Hall did great jobs as well, but all the credit must go to Joel Edgerton! He played the part of a disturbed and socially-awkward individual flawlessly! 

There were times where something happened in the movie that can make you jump or scream, but not in a horrific way. I really loved this movie and I was wrong to ever doubt it- it is VERY entertaining and it keeps you interested. Interested in the characters and a particular interest in why Gordo behaved as he did and the ending to the movie was pure perfection. Have you ever heard the old saying- "an eye for an eye?" Killer ending! Literally!

There is NOTHING bad that I can say about the movie. It keeps you guessing and wondering and some things I figured out on my own just minutes before it happened and I was glad I caught on. Maybe I should have been a psychiatrist! Lol! I strongly and highly recommend that you see this movie. It is not classified, to me, at least, as a horror film like I said but it is very entertaining and there is never a dull moment! Never! The "good" gifts of this movie keep on coming and coming and coming so accept them because you will not be disappointed- at all. I promise you that or do I???