"Hitman: Agent 47" (2015)- Review

The movie was not all what I had anticipated it to be. Rupert played an excellent assassin; don't me wrong. He had the walk, the talk, the leaning of his head, the hitman "bad-ass" voice, and the bad wardrobe that never seemed to get messed up no matter how he shot, killed, fell, ran, chase, etc. Lol! The movie just lacked the fire and drive that I was expecting from the trailers that I saw for the film- that's all. 

The action was in the film- but the action was weak and was not like the action in other films such as Taken, John Wick, or Jack Ryan. There were no major actors in this film except for the villain who played the character of Le Clerq. I was just hoping that all the car chases, crashes, explosions, and killing would be like KABOOM, but instead they were just like...boom-boom; bang-bang. 

It was not explosive enough for me. There was a twist in the film that I figured out in the beginning which gave the movie a bit of a boost in my eyes, but besides that and the actor playing the hit man and his methods/tactics- the movie was just OK. I cannot even say it was average or that I would see it again or pay to own it. It's not that explosive! Sorry!