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"The Intern" (2015)- Review

Hathaway & DeNiro lit up the movie screen. This was a sweet, enjoyable, & very cute movie. I would like to say it was a romantic comedy, but it wasn't. It wasn't a comedy. I'd say it was a sweet business-type family movie. At first, I thought it was exactly like The Devil Wears Pradaand Hathaway was the mean boss and DeNiro was the intern. But Hathaway's role was not rude and abrupt like that of Streep.

Instead, at times they looked like father and daughter as the movie went along in duration. Those two worked extremely well together in the film. They have the on-screen magic! That is for sure! There are so many funny scenes in the movie that I cannot narrow them down to the Top 3, but my all time favorite one was when Rene Russo entered and "introduced" her hands to DeNiro's body. Lmao! Talk about hands-on, if you get my drift. There was a twist in the film- but a good twist and NOT a bad one; it was so sweet that the entire audience said, "A…

"Captive" (2015)- Review

I know that this may sound insane, but this is how I felt about the movie as a whole. I feel that by Ashley being held captive by Brian- it took that experience to make her face her inner demons and give up her old life of dug abuse in order to get her daughter back in her life & start making the right choices for herself and for her family; herself. 

That was the only lesson that I saw coming from this movie. I can appreciate this movie being made because it shows how someone else's actions can affect a perfect stranger's as well, but who is struggling like that of the captor. Both Brian and Ashley were struggling; but with different things. They came together and understood each other's pains and unburdened themselves to one another. I felt that was unique and rare. David and Kate really played their roles flawlessly. I think that they had on-screen chemistry. The performances that they gave were just stellar! Stellar! 

This may have been a very low-budget film, but I …

"Everest" in IMAX 3D (2015)- Review

The film started out very low-key and then it climbed like the altitude of how high the mountaineers had to go to reach the top of Mount Everest. I had the opportunity to watch this in IMAX 3D. There were scenes that came off and on where it was 3D and I like that because most films say they are in 3D and you see noting. That should not have mattered because this was a true story and the people who lost their lives really touched me, but at the same time, I would have never done what they did. 

Certain people  have no limitations on things that want to accomplish by being adventurous like the entire cast who climbed Mount Everest. As the film progressed so did the altitudes...18,000 feet--then 21,00--then 25,000. I just looked at that big IMAX screen and those huge rocks and snow forming and the windy weather conditions and could not even imagine what these people experienced and how they were willing to risk their lives to accomplish something that meant so much to them. 

The main acto…

"The Perfect Guy" (2015)- Review

The movie was very thrilling -and very very suspenseful! Michael Ealy's performance was dynamic! He really deserves more than a round of applause and tweets/comments about his role. He deserves many accolades that he is flooded with Oscars! He outdid himself in the movie. 

The movie was all about him; not Sanaa Lathan or even Morris Chestnut. Ealy was the perfect man to play the perfect guy & he portrayed it flawlessly and perfectly; I must say. This film is comparable to other films such as, but not limited to The Gift, No Good Deed, & N-Secure. I loved the opening to the film showing the PERFECTwoman getting out of the shower and getting dressed up- that made the film more alluring and enticing, I felt. Lathan's character of Leah was that of a strong woman who FOUGHT & refused to let a stalker run her out of her comfort zone & stood up to him and his antics. 

She knew when she had to kick it up a few notches & take matters into her own hands when the police…

"The Transporter: Refueled" IMAX (2015)- Review

To say that Jason Statham was not in this film, it was particularly- entertaining and fun to watch. The things that the Audi can do for The Transporter never ceases to amaze me! Lol! That car is like magic- nothing can hurt, destroy, or kill it- not even dent it! Literally! All of the high-speed car chases, the thrills, the sex, the chills, etc. 

Ed gives his audiences one hell of a ride in the movie. He really did an outstanding job, I feel! He IS The Transporter! His voice, his actions, his movies, his skills, his precision. It was all the same as if he were Statham. I can see Ed coming back in another movie or doing more action films! The actor who portrayed Frank Martin, Sr. was kicks. He was making me laugh any and every time that he had a scene. The three blondes were a great and attractive bonus to the film. 

The final scene that was shown at the close of the film where it showed ONE YEAR LATER, what that female character does leaves an opening for a sequel and leaves you with qu…