"The Martian" 3D (2015)- Review

I underestimated this movie. I love Matt Damon, but I do NOT like too many space films like Gravity and Interstellar, but this one was pretty good. Some parts were really intense and had that "edge of your seat anxiety" to it. There were times during the film where the actors were either saying or doing something that made the audience; myself included, chuckle and laugh. Matt Damon was really the best out of the entire cast to make me laugh at some of his actions. 

He really nailed it in the film. I loved the role he played. His character was all about trying to survive on a planer where nothing grows, it was noting. he had to survive and make die with the resources and things at his disposal. He showed us (the audience) that if you have enough will-power, drive, ambition, and courage, you can surpass anything even in space. THAT IS THE ONLY LESSON IN THE MOVIE THAT MATT DAMON PORTRAYED! The entire film was in 3D, but there were not that many 3D effects in it. Granted, I felt like I was really in space & that I was right there with the cast and with Damon as well when he was alone and struggling for survival. 

I think I KNOW why there were so many humorous scenes in the film- it is because the film is so intense and realistic that the film wanted to show how some one can make the best of a terrible situation and throw a little humor in every once in a while so that the entire film is not deep and meaningful; although it was. 

Damon leads the cast and he leads this movie. He is not grounded. He takes it to a whole another level! He is spectacular and deserves accolades for his character's survival and for his acting capabilities in the film. Both Damon and his character of Mark Watney deserves accolades galore! Same man. Both winners in space and on earth! 


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