"The Perfect Guy" (2015)- Review

The movie was very thrilling -and very very suspenseful! Michael Ealy's performance was dynamic! He really deserves more than a round of applause and tweets/comments about his role. He deserves many accolades that he is flooded with Oscars! He outdid himself in the movie. 

The movie was all about him; not Sanaa Lathan or even Morris Chestnut. Ealy was the perfect man to play the perfect guy & he portrayed it flawlessly and perfectly; I must say. This film is comparable to other films such as, but not limited to The Gift, No Good Deed, & N-Secure. I loved the opening to the film showing the PERFECT woman getting out of the shower and getting dressed up- that made the film more alluring and enticing, I felt. Lathan's character of Leah was that of a strong woman who FOUGHT & refused to let a stalker run her out of her comfort zone & stood up to him and his antics. 

She knew when she had to kick it up a few notches & take matters into her own hands when the police did everything in their power by the law. That is the lesson her character was portraying to audiences; that is YOUR choice to run and hide and place more people in danger or take shelter where you are and face the situation head on, but at the same time- not to put yourself directly into harm's way & to outsmart someone who THINKS they have out -smarted you! 

Again, Michael Ealy's performance was stellar, perfect, phenomenal, epic, cunning, and so much more! Everyone did a PERFECT job on the film and I highly recommend everyone see this strong and successful film!