"Captive" (2015)- Review

I know that this may sound insane, but this is how I felt about the movie as a whole. I feel that by Ashley being held captive by Brian- it took that experience to make her face her inner demons and give up her old life of dug abuse in order to get her daughter back in her life & start making the right choices for herself and for her family; herself. 

That was the only lesson that I saw coming from this movie. I can appreciate this movie being made because it shows how someone else's actions can affect a perfect stranger's as well, but who is struggling like that of the captor. Both Brian and Ashley were struggling; but with different things. They came together and understood each other's pains and unburdened themselves to one another. I felt that was unique and rare. David and Kate really played their roles flawlessly. I think that they had on-screen chemistry. The performances that they gave were just stellar! Stellar

This may have been a very low-budget film, but I feel it was high up there on my charts. I really enjoyed the film and appreciated it. I am NOT saying that what each character had to endure was fun, but that the movie, as a whole was deep and meaningful. It teaches a lot about fear, anger, and how to overcome the darkness. 

This was a true story and the REAL Ashley at the close of the movie was telling her story to Oprah and the author of the book that she was given in her meeting in the beginning of the film. The ending made me tear up. It was a real tear-jerker!