"The Intern" (2015)- Review

Hathaway & DeNiro lit up the movie screen. This was a sweet, enjoyable, & very cute movie. I would like to say it was a romantic comedy, but it wasn't. It wasn't a comedy. I'd say it was a sweet business-type family movie. At first, I thought it was exactly like The Devil Wears Prada and Hathaway was the mean boss and DeNiro was the intern. But Hathaway's role was not rude and abrupt like that of Streep.

Instead, at times they looked like father and daughter as the movie went along in duration. Those two worked extremely well together in the film. They have the on-screen magic! That is for sure! There are so many funny scenes in the movie that I cannot narrow them down to the Top 3, but my all time favorite one was when Rene Russo entered and "introduced" her hands to DeNiro's body. Lmao! Talk about hands-on, if you get my drift. There was a twist in the film- but a good twist and NOT a bad one; it was so sweet that the entire audience said, "Awwwww." 

It was too cute what the audience said. DeNiro really captured and connected with the audience in this film. People including me were talking to him as if he was right there with us in the theater; people were clapping for him in certain scenes; it was just a very high entertaining and sweet film. Anne Hathaway was astounding! 

Rene Russo was dynamite! The opening of the film with a special lady who was after Ben (DeNiro) was absolutely hilarious! This is one of those movies where all you need is the popcorn and the sweet sounds of your laughter because the entire cast delivers that to you! I am laughing thinking about all the things I am recalling from seeing the film! You will NOT be disappointed! Everyone brings it and scores!