"The Walk" in IMAX 3D (2015)- Review

Living life on the edge is a - definite understatement in regards to this film. This movie is NOT grounded. It soars and takes you to heights unimaginable! Gordon-Levitt delivers one spectacular performance! I had the opportunity to see the film at an early screening in IMAX 3D and I was on the edge of my seat. In the final scene where he made his walk in NYC, the ENTIRE AUDIENCE WAS QUIET & NOT EVEN A SOUND WAS MADE in the auditorium- most likely because everyone was in shock as to what he was about to do. 

If I had to be there in person to watch, I would have FROZEN solid! The entire audience was just so quiet as if they were being silent for THE ACTOR SO HE COULD PERFORM FOR US! LIVE! That is how quiet everyone was. It was really intense and just like something I have never in my life seen before just like the trailer prepared and said in all of the advertisements! This is not a scary movie; but what Gordon-Levitt's character was interested in doing (wire walking) was scary. 

It never cases to amaze me how people like to live on the edge & do the most outrageous and death-defying things just to do it to say that they did it or accomplished something that they are passionate about. That is what this film relays. If you have a dream & you want to reach it- you go for it. You take that leap of faith, that walk, that journey until you find your thrill and it was found in this film. That is the message that Philippe portrays to the audiences- you do not have to do something as intense as wire walking or whatever your dream may be, but never let someone talk you out of doing what your mind, heart, and soul tells you to do. 

If you make a decision- stick with it unless YOU change your mind and cannot take that step to accomplishing it. That is the message that I relayed from the film and that is true. This movie can teach you a lot about will-power, courage, and strength. It is more than just walking across the wire- it is about walking towards your goal; towards being free to do what you choose, when you choose to do it, and most importantly- where.....