"The Transporter: Refueled" IMAX (2015)- Review

To say that Jason Statham was not in this film, it was particularly- entertaining and fun to watch. The things that the Audi can do for The Transporter never ceases to amaze me! Lol! That car is like magic- nothing can hurt, destroy, or kill it- not even dent it! Literally! All of the high-speed car chases, the thrills, the sex, the chills, etc. 

Ed gives his audiences one hell of a ride in the movie. He really did an outstanding job, I feel! He IS The Transporter! His voice, his actions, his movies, his skills, his precision. It was all the same as if he were Statham. I can see Ed coming back in another movie or doing more action films! The actor who portrayed Frank Martin, Sr. was kicks. He was making me laugh any and every time that he had a scene. The three blondes were a great and attractive bonus to the film. 

The final scene that was shown at the close of the film where it showed ONE YEAR LATER, what that female character does leaves an opening for a sequel and leaves you with questions. I love movies that end with some doubt- it keeps things from becoming so predictable. In short, I really enjoyed the movie and seeing it in IMAX made it so much more intense and I could feel the fast-paced adrenaline from the actors, esp,. Frank Martin.