"Burnt" (2015)- Review

This movie burned! Badly! The only thing positive and good about this film was Bradley Cooper's performance! He gave a stellar performance! There was a little shocker in the film that I did not see coming but there was NO good scenes in the film that struck me like a bolt of lightning! I CANNOT compare this film to the movie, Chef with Sofia Vergara because that movie was deliciously delightful. 

This particular movie was very badly burned. I have to agree 100% with the critics reviews of it. It was tasteless, bitter, too salty, everything that is bad for you and then the food that they were making looked gross and at least in Chef, the food looked some what fulfilling and decadent. This movie must have had a budget of  $1,000??? I am literally telling you NO lie- do not see this movie even if it is free or someone offered a bootleg copy to you! 

Just because I did not enjoy it and the movie critics did not enjoy it and there was no actors in it besides one or two; three maybe even pushing it- does NOT mean that you will not like the movie. 

An the ending- I can't even talk about! Insane! This has got to be the absolute WORST movie of the year! There were a few parts that I chuckled and laughed at, but overall, "Burnt" is just what it is- burnt...