"99 Homes" (2015)- Review

This was a very tough film to watch- I CAN believe that NOT only because of what was shown in the film, but somehow, I believe that people have the types of jobs that I would NEVER want a desire to have. Jobs, for instance, like having to work for a bank and foreclose on some one's home and literally put everything that they own out on the curb of their street like in this film. 

Or a job where I would have to cut  off some one'e electricity. A job where I would have to work in a call center and hear thousands of calls from people being killed, shot, stabbed, injured, etc. I can understand why people go to the greatest of lengths to save their houses & things that are important to them, but surrendering and being pressured by illegal temptations to get what you want is another topic altogether and the film demonstrated that. 

No matter how lucrative an offer is, you have to sit down & ponder all the potential consequences. Garfield & Shannon really did an awesome job in the film. I felt the emotions of each character because it felt so super real to me, I could feel the distrust, the lies, the scheming, the phony signatures. I could feel where their two characters were coming from. 

There are points in the film where you just can pass comments about what Garfield's character was doing to make ends meet for his mother and his son. The depths that people will go to get what they want; whether it be good or bad is just unimaginable to me! The movie is very insightful and can inspire anyone to know the difference between settling or selling what you stand for.....take a moment to think about the last line. And after you see the movie, you will have a clearer understanding of what I mean...


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