"Crimson Peak" IMAX (2015)- Review

The movie was NOT as scary as the preview- I think that the music and visual effects were enhancing the vibe of the movie being overall scary, but lacked and failed. All three major actors Mia, Jessica, & Tom all did outstanding jobs. I felt like I was watching Dracula or something. Jessica Chastain really got into her role and there was a disturbing twist between her & Hiddleston's characters that I did not see coming- but I did figure out the mystery. 

I just could NOT stop praising the acting performances for them all. The acting was stellar, it was key, it was sensational. But the movie was NOT stellar, awesome, & phenomenal like the actors were. The way the movie came on set the mood for the ending. The film started to get more interesting after an hour had passed and there was only 45 minutes left in the film.  

There were minimal brutal scenes; not gory- but brutal scenes to watch. Nothing horrific was shown in the film to make you want to gag or yell and scream running out of the auditorium! Sorry guys! The soft tone in which the actors spoke is what really piqued my attention. Their body languages & tones in their voices- it was dark, mysterious, and cryptic- that's what made the movie dark and twisted, I felt. 

This is not a film I would pay money to see. I am glad I saw it at a free screening. No need to see it in IMAX because all you will see are big scary images and ghostly things and loud music tempting you to be prepared for something amazingly scary and you will be disappointed.....overall, the film was mediocre & ordinary.