"Bridge of Spies" (2015)- Review

I can see why Tom Hanks is getting a lot of Oscar-buzz about his role in the film. He did a spectacular job. Even though the film was based on true events, there were a lot of scenes where things he and other actors/actresses did or said that was funny. It was a really awesome movie and in the final showdown scene, you will come to the realization as to why the name of the movie was is called "Bridge of Spies." Literally. It was epic and after the film, it was revealed about the characters and what happened. 

It can bring a tear to your eye. The film was more than just about espionage, hiding secrets, betraying loved ones and your country. It was all about doing a task and looking at the bigger picture than just looking at someone spying. You have to ask yourself- WHY. WHY are they spying? WHO will benefit from it? HOW are they doing this? This film forces you to open your eyes are to look at the grand scheme of things! Hanks delivers such a phenomenal performance and the famous tag line from the character who portrayed the role of Abel, "will it help" will crack you up! I kid you not! 

As soon as the film comes on, you see Abel and what he is doing will make  you laugh. He's the character than provides the humor in the movie although the film as a whole deals with bigger & larger issues- he is the one to smooth everything out and make the tension- less. This isn't a film that I would particularly pick out for myself to watch, but it was highly enjoyable and as the film progresses and esp. at the close of the film, you can see and fully understand why!