"Spectre" (2015)- Review

Daniel Craig does it again. And again. And again. And AGAIN! The movie was killer stellar and explosive just as all the films in which Daniel Craig starred in as Bond. 

James bond, that is! I wish that I could have seen it in IMAX. HaHa! Let me start off by saying that the music to the movie is just AWESOME. Just as Adele was singing in the opening credits for Skyfall- the music for this film was killer on-point and awesome as well. 

They make the imagery in the opening sequences match the music! No lie! I have to give props where they are due and the music needs that exceptional high recognition! I wish that Naomie Harris would have had a much larger role in the film, but Ms. Moneypenny did do her thing but when she told Bond in one point in the film, "its called having a life. You should try it sometimes, James." That was classic. That is the only spoiler that I will give you. I just could not leave that one out for you guys reading this. This film had a twist that I did NOT see coming & but I did figure it out mid-way through he film. So watch out for the bad GUYS

The main villain (Christoph Waltz) in the film really portrayed his role; perfectly evil and as the head mastermind behind Spectre. I really loved and appreciated the fact that all the previous films such as Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Casino Royale were all used to explain Spectre and why things happened in those previous films to explain this one. I loved that aspect of the film as a whole. 

In conclusion, the film was highly enjoyable. Q was funny. Bond was funny. There were more lettered-people, but you will watch and see all the alphabets come together. Lol! You need a little bit of humor mixed with killing assassins, you know? So, sit back, try not relax and be on the edge of your seat because Bond is back & he brings it! KABOOM!!!!!!