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"Creed" (2015)- Review

The movie really packs quite a punch! Jordan really knocks it out of the park, ring, and movie screen! His character embodied that of someone who has drive, perseverance,ambition, strength, and most importantly the ability to change. This film showed his childhood struggles and with the entrance of Stallone as more than just his teacher and guide; but his family in his eyes- he forced him to beat the odds that was placed in front of him. 

The character of Creed displayed his hardships and those is what transformed him into the man that he became and why he got into boxing. It was not to become his father; it was to become his own man and see himself in his OWN image the way HE wanted to see himself. He wanted to make a name for himself like his father and  NOT have people love & accept him just because he was Apollo Creed's son- but because he was Adonis Johnson & not Creed. 

It takes a real man to make his choices and create his own destiny- Adonis wanted to distinguish him…

"The Night Before" (2015)- Review

I was amazed at how Seth Rogen took the stage and rocked and cocked (you will know why) this film front and center. I have to find out who was his mentor! He was the LEAD character in the film and the narrator- WHOA! Not spoiling it for you- but it was a person u would least expect; but was the right person and he did not need a chairperson. Rogen had me laughing so hard that my eyes were bloodshot red- the film overall was stupid funny like a spoof film but the laughter and fun times did not stop for the ENTIRE movie! 

It is totally Seth's style and something else his character had in a box in a pile all the while his other best friends had no idea why he was acting so crazy because he definitely was not cockin' (you will see why) crazy! Mackie had the smaller role, but his character's main emphasis was placed on drugs and getting the "right" drugs for his homeboy as a Christmas toy! Mackie had me cracking up with laughter as he would run and chase after drugs un…

"Secret In Their Eyes" (2015)- Review

Secrets. Mystery. Chills. Thrills. This movie provides all of these three characteristics, but with one flaw- all 4 of these elements lacked enthusiasm and illuminating excitement. This movie piqued my interest because of the plot plus the wonderfully talented Nicole Kidman. After seeing it, I now understand why the critics reviews it so abruptly and harshly. For one thing, I do not appreciate movies that flip back and fourth between the past and the present for the ENTIRE duration of the film- doing it every once in a while is OK, but to do it for the entire length of the movie is just- insanity! That is what happened here. 

Julia Roberts should get commended on her performance. She delivers. Nicole Kidman really did not excel in any of her scenes- they were all original and not all that (so to say). I could not keep up with the film. It left me confused and WHAT ACTUALLY happened to the character of Carolyn Cobb & WHY was not explained to the audience. This is a movie that did no…

"Spectre" (2015)- Review

Daniel Craig does it again. And again. And again. And AGAIN! The movie was killer stellar and explosive just as all the films in which Daniel Craig starred in as Bond. 

James bond, that is! I wish that I could have seen it in IMAX. HaHa! Let me start off by saying that the music to the movie is just AWESOME. Just as Adele was singing in the opening credits for Skyfall- the music for this film was killer on-point and awesome as well. 

They make the imagery in the opening sequences match the music! No lie! I have to give props where they are due and the music needs that exceptional high recognition! I wish that Naomie Harris would have had a much larger role in the film, but Ms. Moneypenny did do her thing but when she told Bond in one point in the film, "its called having a life. You should try it sometimes, James."That was classic. That is the only spoiler that I will give you. I just could not leave that one out for you guys reading this. This film had a twist that I did NOT …