"Creed" (2015)- Review

The movie really packs quite a punch! Jordan really knocks it out of the park, ring, and movie screen! His character embodied that of someone who has drive, perseverance,ambition, strength, and most importantly the ability to change. This film showed his childhood struggles and with the entrance of Stallone as more than just his teacher and guide; but his family in his eyes- he forced him to beat the odds that was placed in front of him. 

The character of Creed displayed his hardships and those is what transformed him into the man that he became and why he got into boxing. It was not to become his father; it was to become his own man and see himself in his OWN image the way HE wanted to see himself. He wanted to make a name for himself like his father and  NOT have people love & accept him just because he was Apollo Creed's son- but because he was Adonis Johnson & not Creed. 

It takes a real man to make his choices and create his own destiny- Adonis wanted to distinguish himself in his own image and not live off his father's name. People HAD TO respect and admire him for that. He did not want to diminish his father in any capacity; he loved him even though he did not know him, but he wanted to be his son but at the same time be his own man, also. 

There were funny moments in the film where Adonis made "2015" references to Balboa and he was like, "the cloud?" Lol! In conclusion, this was a great film and this Thanksgiving one thing that I am thankful for is this movie because is is very inspirational and teaches you how to fight for what you want; how to get in the ring and knock out whatever life throws in front of you and take that center place and be the winner no matter what!