"Secret In Their Eyes" (2015)- Review

Secrets. Mystery. Chills. Thrills. This movie provides all of these three characteristics, but with one flaw- all 4 of these elements lacked enthusiasm and illuminating excitement. This movie piqued my interest because of the plot plus the wonderfully talented Nicole Kidman. After seeing it, I now understand why the critics reviews it so abruptly and harshly. For one thing, I do not appreciate movies that flip back and fourth between the past and the present for the ENTIRE duration of the film- doing it every once in a while is OK, but to do it for the entire length of the movie is just- insanity! That is what happened here. 

Julia Roberts should get commended on her performance. She delivers. Nicole Kidman really did not excel in any of her scenes- they were all original and not all that (so to say). I could not keep up with the film. It left me confused and WHAT ACTUALLY happened to the character of Carolyn Cobb & WHY was not explained to the audience. This is a movie that did not deserve to be placed into theaters and should have been placed directly on DVD. 

It is not worthy of being on Blu-Ray. Towards the close of the film, I THINK that I understand why it is entitled, Secret in Their Eyes. Each of the three characters had secrets- some minor; some major and their eyes always showed their vulnerabilities. In conclusion, this film had the potential to be good- it was just utterly original and stale.


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