"The Big Short" (2015)- Review

The rating for this film will be one of the shortest ones ever- in history! This movie sucked. To say that 4 top major actors starred in the movie- it was  a bust! If this movie winds up being nominated at the Oscars for anything, I think that I will barf! It did NOT keep my attention. I was falling asleep in it! The Wolf of Wall Street was better. Anything had to have been better than sitting though this depressing and stupid movie to say that it was based on a true story. 

I found that incredibly hard to believe! Seriously! The only two good things that came out of this film was the performances of two actors of the 4. That is Christian Bale and Steve Carrell. The movie was terrible! Horrible! I simply have no idea why it was even made! The entire movie burned, badly! I do not recommend you seeing this film! Do NOT see it! Steer clear of it! Do not see it for free; do not pay a matinee price to see it; do not- DEFINITELY DO NOT pay full admission price for it! The Big Short is a big flop like the housing market....


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