"The Night Before" (2015)- Review

I was amazed at how Seth Rogen took the stage and rocked and cocked (you will know why) this film front and center. I have to find out who was his mentor! He was the LEAD character in the film and the narrator- WHOA! Not spoiling it for you- but it was a person u would least expect; but was the right person and he did not need a chairperson. Rogen had me laughing so hard that my eyes were bloodshot red- the film overall was stupid funny like a spoof film but the laughter and fun times did not stop for the ENTIRE movie! 

It is totally Seth's style and something else his character had in a box in a pile all the while his other best friends had no idea why he was acting so crazy because he definitely was not cockin' (you will see why) crazy! Mackie had the smaller role, but his character's main emphasis was placed on drugs and getting the "right" drugs for his homeboy as a Christmas toy! Mackie had me cracking up with laughter as he would run and chase after drugs until someone in particular made his realize what was more important. Gordon-Levitt portrayed the role of a rational individual. Sure he acted crazy and goofy as the other two actors, but his role was level-headed and grounded of the three friends. 

Each guy had a lesson to learn and they all learned it and in the end came together. This film may be about friends enjoying one last Christmas 2gether before they grow up, but came to the realization that they would never stop being friends and would never stop their traditions no matter what goes on in their lives. Sure, the film may have been crude, funny, and rude but it is one to be viewed- simply because of the MAIN LESSON of the film: Christmas may come and go every year, but true friends last a lifetime the night before, the day after, the morning of, and so on and so fourth, so grab a friend and go see the boyz up north!