"Concussion" (2015)- Review

Will Smith delivers! This film was phenomenal, epic, mind-blowing, & so much more! I loved that this was a true story. The thing that I love, admired and respected about the character that Smith portrayed was the fact that he communicated to the bodies that he performed autopsies on- he wanted to identify with them not make them feel useless as if they were just a piece of rotting flesh on a table getting cut up with no regard to human life whatsoever and no one respected that about Smith’s character which was a real man, a real doctor in love with medicine and finding cures to a real illness that everyone wanted to pretend never existed or could potentially exist. At the close of the film, it was very hard for me to watch it because of the set of events that took place between the doctor and his wife. 

But after some time had passed, I came to the realization that those two people had to do something in order to have something (spoiler alert). Smith really captured the screen when he acted out his pain in the house that he built for his wife. I felt that at that exact moment, all of the emotions that he felt just shattered him and he had to escape everything that he was holding in. This film forces you to look deep- deep inside yourself for what Dr. Omaha says in the beginning of the film: “I don’t want to know what killed you…I want to know who you are and then I will know WHY this happened to you.” He took a sincere interest in his craft and he excelled at it no matter how people belittled, threatened, or shun him, he held on to his beliefs and fought to be heard no matter the costs. Concussion gives you a wake-up call in every sense of the word.


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