"Daddy's Home" (2015)- Review

I laughed my tail off at this movie. If I ever saw a movie where Will Ferrell is portraying a reasonable and rational role and it is not a comedy, I would have to check myself in a psych hospital because I would not believe it- seriously! Lol. Wahlberg & Ferrell have that on-screen co-parenting chemistry in this film- those two kids were- hilarious! Simply hilarious especially that little girl and the things that she was saying! Geez! My favorite scene I the entire film had to be the skating scene with Will and Mark. 

Mark is just a piece of work in the film and Will is a goofball. Will Ferrell is a comedy genius. Each and every single thing he says and does is funny to me. I loved how much I was laughing during my time watching this highly entertaining film no thanks to Will Ferrell and Hannibal Burgess. Burgess really was an added bonus in the film- he added the comedy to the next level by saying the simplest things- which were stupid- but was still over the top funny! This was a cute film with no dull or boring moments! Daddy’s Home is the perfect title and it’s the perfect film to end 2015!