"In The Heart Of The Sea" (2015)- Review

Chris Hemsworth really gave a stellar performance. This movie is Oscar-worthy I feel. I had the opportunity to see it in IMAX & it was just astonishing to me. Really and deeply. Words just cannot describe the heroic and very courageous acts that everyone did in order to survive & make it back to land and most importantly- to their respective families. 

The imagery/visual effects was just amazing & just on-point! I felt like I was watching Titanic the entire time because it was being told of what happened to and on the Essex from someone's perspective just like in Titanic. The film was very enjoyable to watch & I feel Ron Howard should be nominated for lots of awards because of this film. It shows more about effort, teamwork, putting aside differences and animosities rather than that of a whale. The name of this film is called "in the HEART of the sea" for a VERY SPECIFIC a reason. Think about that for a moment. 

Everyone in the film had HEART; everyone has COURAGE; everyone had FIGHT in them. All those characteristics go right back to the main title- they were lost at sea but their hearts never gave up- they fought; they persevered. Some died, but they died heroes because they tried and FOUGHT to survive!!!