"Joy" (2015)- Review

Lawrence really gave another great stellar performance in her role as, Joy. Cooper & DeNiro worked really hard in their roles but Lawrence stole the show! Lawrence is really making a name for herself in the acting industry- I have to give credit where it is due. This film was really good. It showed the fact that a woman can grow up and become a strong and independent force to be reckoned with- when pushed beyond her set limits/boundaries. The character of Joy was smart, confident, and innovative. She used her talents to make a name for herself. 

When there was a roadblock- she endured right past it and found other avenues to conquer whatever came her way. Joy did not need a man to take care of her or do anything for her. She was self-sufficient and reliant. That is how a strong lady behaves and she exhibited those characteristics. She kept telling everyone that she did not want to be like her mother or her family- she was going to make something for herself and of herself and she preserved and did just that! Joy brings joy to the big screen, her life, and most importantly to any person: be man or woman- it is up to you to endure to the end and find out who you want to be or who you need to be….find your joy….in life….in you….