The Hateful Eight (2015)- Review

Three + Hours + Long = Intermission. I have NEVER in my entire life; while in a movie theater actually had an intermission during a film. I sincerely hope that this will not be a new trend to look forward to in the New Year! Tarintino actually had an intermission placed in his 3-hour long cowboy western bloody and gory as usual film. I cannot believe that this film was three hours long! 3! Never going to get over that! Lol! The film was told in five chapters. 

The same formatting of his Kill Bill films was how this one was formatted only it was broken down in to various chapters that seemed  like they would never end! He also did something that I despise in films- show the ending first and then work their way backwards to reveal why the film started the way that it did! Ugh I detest that so much in films! There is a huge shocker with Jackson's character that makes you just drop your mouth in total and utter awe & disbelief!

Leigh really deserves an Oscar for her role in the film! She got "into" character- dedicated, extreme, and comical. Of course there was heavy blood- it is not a Tarantino film without copious amounts of blood splattering all over the place! The film had action, deception, twists and turns!