"Dirty Grandpa" Is Deliciously Vile! {Grade of A}

Absolutely hysterical! I am so glad that this was the first movie that I saw in 2016! This is DEFINITELY the type of film to begin any new year off with! Zac Efron was just as funny as Robert DeNiro! From Team Hornets, to cock blocks, to golf cocks, to fingers in the butt and genitalia to great sex and so much for master baiters! I was amazed at the crude and sexual humor displayed in this movie. 

The things I saw DeNiro say and do, I was like the name of this movie does NOT do it any justice at all! I will be buying this movie when it comes out on BluRay! I felt that I was watching another X-geriatric version of "Neighbors." There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING that I can say bad about this movie except that the grandpa is a bad old boy! Bad! Bad! Bad! Very naughty in a hysterical sort of a way! Efron & DeNiro have the on-screen chemistry in the film. 

Julianne Hough's character was a piece of work- she would make anyone do to her what the grandfather was doing to the grandson in the film just as retribution! The ending was very preDICTable, but the closing credits will shock you- there is just too much "family" going on! Lol! So grab a kid and go get dirty!


Greg Jensen said…
Travie!!!!! My lost brotha! Miss you man
Well, now through your investigative techniques- I have been found and we are now resurrected!