"The Boy" Dies! {Grade of D}

The movie started off really slow and then it gradually picked up the momentum and a tad bit of suspense. There were only two moments throughout the entire films that "attempted" to scare me with the very USUAL music.

I never jumped, but a few people did gasp and scream/yell. I always tend to find that funny than scary. The film reminded me of the film, Dead Silence in certain ways because the film was based on a porcelain doll. About the last 20-25 minutes of the film- the movie did a total 180 and headed in another direction that I was not even ready for nor did I see coming. 

I guess the writers wanted to start off dumb & mediocre- the ending was with a bang because boy  leaves you wondering and guessing- a concept that all movies should have to keep the attention of its audiences! In conclusion, the film was average. 

I would not rave and brave on it; but I will will commend the last 20-25 minutes as I said. Those last few minutes was the climax and highlight of the entire film! I kid you not. This boy...boy oh boy oh boy...