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"Triple 9" Gets Taken Down {Grade of C}

This film was gory, explicit, & criminally explosive! Triple 9 delivers double slams, triple cons, twin bullets, and all that! I have to take this opportunity to talk about the role that Kate Winslet portrayed in this film- she played a Russian Maffia Boss & I have never seen her play a role so dangerous and life-defying before. 

She really deserves a nomination for her role in this film. I kid you not. There were some moments in this film that had mild humor, but the killings in the film were so close as if it was in 3D formatting.

All of the murders were very graphic in nature; simply mind-blowing (literally). Brains were being splattered all over the floor & the screen. This was a low-budget made film but it was still very dynamite in every emphasis of the word! There is nothing black and white about the streets and nothing bland about this movie- it is all colorful with consequences that exceed the color red- bloodshot red!

"Deadpool" Is Vital & Well {Grade of A}

This was the FUNNIEST & stupidest movie (in an absolute AWESOME way) thus-far in 2016! Ryan Reynolds gave a stellar performance and he makes spoof movies look- very amateur! 

The opening titles to the movie were a blast! Just so extraordinary; like the film- there was nothing ordinary about this film- it was extraordinary! I was cracking up laughing the entire time! I just KNOWthis film will be a blast in IMAX.

I had the opportunity to see it early and it was amazing! There is NOTHING bad that I can say about the film except the Deadpool is bad (in a good way). Reynolds makes you laugh to almost every single thing he says & does. It is funny but not in a "spoof-movie" type of a way, but in a more mild and adult manner. 

I loved it from start to finish and I hope that there is sequel of some sort! Reynolds really got into character for his role! This was a HIGHLY enjoyable and EXTREMELYentertaining film to watch! Even though I saw it early and for free- I may pay to see …

"How To Be Single" Stays on Course! {Grade of B}

This was one tremendously hilarious film! Actress Rebel Wilson takes the lead in every film that she is in- she is always front and center cracking jokes and making me and any and every audience laugh their socks off! Her character is a great teacher about life and especially sex/relationships. 

There is something at the close of the film that she reveals about her character that is unbelievable but a shocker that I did not see coming but what she says about it is TRUE and all I can say is that- that is one way to stay _____ (you will understand once you see this scene in the close of the film)!

The cast was stellar and one particular relationship I thought would develop didn't. So this movie is not as predicable as you may believe it to be- so watch out boys & girls! Watch out! 

I appreciated the fact that texting and examples of things were shown on the movie screen when certain characters wanted to explain some thing to the audience and to the other character- that made the fi…

"Hail, Caesar!" Flops! Big-time! {Grade of F}

Ah, well this was a movie about a story telling a story of movie/set life and all of the obstacles production and cast people have to go through in order to make films a huge success in Hollywood! The highlight of the film was Channing Tatum's sailor tap-dancing performance! 

The movie was not as good as I expected it to be. I was really disappointed in it. Hitchcock was better than this and the story-line was among the same lines when you think about it. 

It was rather boring and banal. For someone such as myself who loves movies about movies like this and Hitchcock, I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of it in theaters but once I sat down and started to watch the finished product, I was not compelled to sit through the entire 2 hours of it! I was very disappointed in the film. I expected it to be more than what it was!