"Deadpool" Is Vital & Well {Grade of A}

This was the FUNNIEST & stupidest movie (in an absolute AWESOME way) thus-far in 2016! Ryan Reynolds gave a stellar performance and he makes spoof movies look- very amateur! 

The opening titles to the movie were a blast! Just so extraordinary; like the film- there was nothing ordinary about this film- it was extraordinary! I was cracking up laughing the entire time! I just KNOW this film will be a blast in IMAX.

I had the opportunity to see it early and it was amazing! There is NOTHING bad that I can say about the film except the Deadpool is bad (in a good way). Reynolds makes you laugh to almost every single thing he says & does. It is funny but not in a "spoof-movie" type of a way, but in a more mild and adult manner. 

I loved it from start to finish and I hope that there is sequel of some sort! Reynolds really got into character for his role! This was a HIGHLY enjoyable and EXTREMELY entertaining film to watch! Even though I saw it early and for free- I may pay to see it again! It was just that amusing to me. I never ever want to see anyone besides Ryan Reynolds play Deadpool- if some one else does, I will be like, "What the ass?!?!?