"How To Be Single" Stays on Course! {Grade of B}

This was one tremendously hilarious film! Actress Rebel Wilson takes the lead in every film that she is in- she is always front and center cracking jokes and making me and any and every audience laugh their socks off! Her character is a great teacher about life and especially sex/relationships. 

There is something at the close of the film that she reveals about her character that is unbelievable but a shocker that I did not see coming but what she says about it is TRUE and all I can say is that- that is one way to stay _____ (you will understand once you see this scene in the close of the film)! 

The cast was stellar and one particular relationship I thought would develop didn't. So this movie is not as predicable as you may believe it to be- so watch out boys & girls! Watch out! 

I appreciated the fact that texting and examples of things were shown on the movie screen when certain characters wanted to explain some thing to the audience and to the other character- that made the film like a teaching lesson and like it was almost interactive in some ways! That was cool! I loved that aspect about it! I will DEFINITELY buy this film on DVD when it comes out- it is so worth every penny!