"London Has Fallen" Survives! {Grade of B}


This was better than the first one! This film was epic! Nothing can compare! Another film will be made. There is a scene in the beginning of the film where Gerard Butler is starting to write a letter of resignation and he does not know if he will send it or not because of "a particular person in his life" and you do not find out until the end if he will or not. The entire film is based on what he has to do to determine how he feels about his job with the secret service. 

A major cast members dies in this film and I am so mad at that! It was a shock, but the explosions, bombs, killings, attacks, are all just dynamite (literally). I loved how the names of the leaders where shown on the screen as they were talking- introducing them to the audience. That was a cool aspect of the film (the intros); there was some light humor throughout the film and that was needed amidst all of the extreme chaos that was going on. 

Everyone did a great job & I was not disappointed in the film- not at all. Nothing was slacking nor lacking! Lol! London did fall and when it did it was just, I could not believe my eyes- everyone turned on everyone! Gunfire and missiles were going off and on everyone; everywhere. It was & utter and total bloodbath! All I could do is look at it in awe and have a dazed and confused look in my face. The movie was "the bomb!"