"Triple 9" Gets Taken Down {Grade of C}

This film was gory, explicit, & criminally explosive! Triple 9 delivers double slams, triple cons, twin bullets, and all that! I have to take this opportunity to talk about the role that Kate Winslet portrayed in this film- she played a Russian Maffia Boss & I have never seen her play a role so dangerous and life-defying before. 

She really deserves a nomination for her role in this film. I kid you not. There were some moments in this film that had mild humor, but the killings in the film were so close as if it was in 3D formatting.

All of the murders were very graphic in nature; simply mind-blowing (literally). Brains were being splattered all over the floor & the screen. This was a low-budget made film but it was still very dynamite in every emphasis of the word! There is nothing black and white about the streets and nothing bland about this movie- it is all colorful with consequences that exceed the color red- bloodshot red!


Greg said…
Can't wait to see this movie. Thanks for the review Travis