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"Batman vs. Superman Flies High!" {Grade of A}

The movie was really awesome & just stellar cool!! I don't know what all the hype was about with this movie being good and not being good. I found it to be really good except for certain fight scenes especially the fight scene where Batman which was played by Affleck was in the desert and all he was doing was pushing and kicking people and they fell down and did not get right back up to fight- that looked so fake and unrealistic.

I didn't approve of that. As for the case of Ben Affleck taking on the role as Batman; for some reason I just cannot see him portraying the role. All I saw was George Clooney and Michael Keaton when I saw Affleck as Batman. I might just need time to adjust to it- I'm not sure. He did a good job but not as good as the previous Batmen. Now, Henry Cavill- he plays an stellar Clark Kent/Superman. I can see him replacing Christopher Reeve! He looks it, acts it, & IS IT! I was just amazed at how much Cavill resembles Reeve in so many ways. Gadot-…

"Allegiant" Stops Here {Grade of C}

I'll start off by saying that the movie was kind of good and kind of bad- considering that Kate Winslet was not in the film because she died in the last film- she added a sense of corruption and anguish to the films in the series. I love watching James & Woodley kick butt and be fearless lovers! They really have on-screen chemistry considering where James' character came from in the first film, Divergent

In this film, someone died in Tris' crew and that was sad but is no shocker because of what they were fighting for. There were parts in the film that made me close my eyes and nod off a couple of times and then there were parts that were good. All in all, this was an average movie. Not the very best. 

I have to admit that no matter how much I love the roles that the actors play- I try to keep it real on my ratings and this movie was long and at times I wanted it to hurry up and get over with and I felt disappointed that I was feeling that way considering I was one of m…

"The Perfect Match" Doesn't Exist! {Grade of B}

Love is certainly NOT blind when it comes to the paler getting played himself. Terrence J portrayed the role perfectly as to how men play women all day every day. This was a predictable movie in that aspect, but the plot twist from the character of Eva- all I have to say is, "woah, watch out!" Looks are and can very well be deceiving! What I drew from this movie was that the main character played by Terrence J was a man who never was open to love or commitment due to problems he had to overcome in his personal- very personal life.

He was the type to "dish" everything out to people esp. to women but then when the tables turned on him and he got treated the same exact way he treated women he couldn't accept nor could he take it. Charlie's relationship with Eva was the PERFECT BAD MATCH for him because he needed someone to show him how he treats people in his life; not only women, but his family and friends and what  he took for granted. His sister, Sherry was …

"Miracles From Heaven" Are Real! {Grade of A}

Where do I even start to begin with this miraculous TRUEstory? There are so many comments and awesome reviews that I have to say about this film that I may have to write a book. First, the little girl who portrayed the role of Anna- she acted beautifully and flawlessly. Her character was like a miniature adult. I say this because she was pronouncing the medications that she was taking for her condition like a physician and the way that she explained herself and how she was feeling was just that of a mature adult. She got into character and made it what this whole movie was about and that was that it was one word- real.

I felt that the introduction of Angela & the middle Beam sister who wanted to be called Taylor was added in the film for mild humor. Granted this was a tough film to watch, there still was slight humor involved in the story-line. No matter what is going on life life- there is ALWAYS something to smile about. There is! Anna endured, kept to her strong faith even thoug…

"The Brothers Grimsby" Gets Shot Down! {Grade of D}

This film was ridiculously funny! Sacha is really a piece of work- that's all I can say about him! He just brings out the inner-nut in you! Lol! His humor is just crude and rude! Lol! I enjoyed seeing Rebel Wilson in the movie simply because she adds her own brand of humor to any & everything! My favorite- absolute all-time favorite scene in the film has got to be the scene with the elephants! I am laughing hysterically right now just thinking back to it. 

Strong played the role of a spy so damn good that at times, I felt like I was watching a live action movie minus the stupid humor. Lol! This film has so many funny parts thanks to Cohen that I just had to keep my mouth open in awe at what I saw. There is no way that there are people in the world today that act as stupid as the characters Cohen portrays. But he had to have gotten his material from somewhere, right? I mean who writes out the year 2016 as 200016 (the way that it sounds)? I loved how the brothers came back togeth…

"London Has Fallen" Survives! {Grade of B}

This was better than the first one! This film was epic! Nothing can compare! Another film will be made. There is a scene in the beginning of the film where Gerard Butler is starting to write a letter of resignation and he does not know if he will send it or not because of "a particular person in his life" and you do not find out until the end if he will or not. The entire film is based on what he has to do to determine how he feels about his job with the secret service. 

A major cast members dies in this film and I am so mad at that! It was a shock, but the explosions, bombs, killings, attacks, are all just dynamite (literally). I loved how the names of the leaders where shown on the screen as they were talking- introducing them to the audience. That was a cool aspect of the film (the intros); there was some light humor throughout the film and that was needed amidst all of the extreme chaos that was going on. 

Everyone did a great job & I was not disappointed in the film- …