"Barbershop: The Next Cut" Blends Right In {Grade of B}

I know without a doubt that this movie was stellar & flawless! They had a unique message to relay to their audiences and it went way beyond Cedric the Entertainer's antics as his usual character- it was to bring up and address a real issue in today's society and that was violence- sure there were funny and dramatic moments, but there were also REAL ones and it was addressed in the film. You could not ignore that no matter who much you were laughing. I loved that about this cut. It was shard and fiya!

The majority of the film was about deep issues, but they also wanted the audiences to appreciate that you cannot be scared all the time, but that you have to face the insane and terrifying obstacles that are placed in your path. 

Everyone has the tendency to run away from their problems, but you have to face them head on and what will be- will be. That is the lesson that Ice Cube's faced and portrayed throughout the film. No matter what challenges came his way- Calvin wanted to make a change to make things better for his family and especially for his son. Some of his methods were a bit extreme, but he realized that running away does not solve anything because the same problem can happen wherever and whenever and that no one and nothing is immortal in this life. 

I loved this film so much because it combined humor at just the right moments before or after an important topic was being addressed. 

I feel that the director of the film inserted the humorous parts at just the right times in the entire film! The movie was funny, real, stylish, fresh, and on point just like the haircuts in Calvin's Barbershop & I will be there for the next cut- just hope it is within 10 years! Lol!