"Batman vs. Superman Flies High!" {Grade of A}

The movie was really awesome & just stellar cool!! I don't know what all the hype was about with this movie being good and not being good. I found it to be really good except for certain fight scenes especially the fight scene where Batman which was played by Affleck was in the desert and all he was doing was pushing and kicking people and they fell down and did not get right back up to fight- that looked so fake and unrealistic.

I didn't approve of that. As for the case of Ben Affleck taking on the role as Batman; for some reason I just cannot see him portraying the role. All I saw was George Clooney and Michael Keaton when I saw Affleck as Batman. I might just need time to adjust to it- I'm not sure. He did a good job but not as good as the previous Batmen. Now, Henry Cavill- he plays an stellar Clark Kent/Superman. I can see him replacing Christopher Reeve! He looks it, acts it, & IS IT! I was just amazed at how much Cavill resembles Reeve in so many ways. Gadot- when she came on as Wonder Woman in her costume- she really was a show stopper. 

I really wish that she would have been introduced earlier in the film. She played her role exceptionally well. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor was "something." He made the role very devilish and did a flawless job @ it. The only concern I had with him was that he was too short. In conclusion, I highly enjoyed the film and I really was not disappointed in the film. It was worth the year wait! The movie had action; and was the action "the bomb!" I loved the special effects and explosions. 

Everything was perfect except like I said, some of the fight scenes could have been made made more realistic- other than that, I have no complaints! A good job well-done to everyone involved with this high-grossing film!


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