"Miracles From Heaven" Are Real! {Grade of A}

Where do I even start to begin with this miraculous TRUE story? There are so many comments and awesome reviews that I have to say about this film that I may have to write a book. First, the little girl who portrayed the role of Anna- she acted beautifully and flawlessly. Her character was like a miniature adult. I say this because she was pronouncing the medications that she was taking for her condition like a physician and the way that she explained herself and how she was feeling was just that of a mature adult. She got into character and made it what this whole movie was about and that was that it was one word- real.

I felt that the introduction of Angela & the middle Beam sister who wanted to be called Taylor was added in the film for mild humor. Granted this was a tough film to watch, there still was slight humor involved in the story-line. No matter what is going on life life- there is ALWAYS something to smile about. There is! Anna endured, kept to her strong faith even though she struggled at times. God revealed His plan to her by all the  "little miracles" surrounding her that were summarized at the close of the film.

This film really touched me and I KNOW it will touch you- it has to. NO ONE can watch this film without shedding a tear or thinking about how blessed they are to be healthy or to give God the thanks that He deserves for all the blessings that He has and will continue to bestow upon you. I feel such love for Anna and for everything when I talk to people about this film; tweet the cast/crew/producers about it! This film is very emotional, real, deep. It is more than a miracle- it is more than true. 

It is about testing your faith and see if you are strong enough to withstand any obstacles that may be put in your path and Anna is the prime example of a beautiful young woman who can be the role model and example for millions of children and adults who can give an assurance and testimony that God lives and He lives and will heal in all types of ways and it can be explained.