"The Brothers Grimsby" Gets Shot Down! {Grade of D}

This film was ridiculously funny! Sacha is really a piece of work- that's all I can say about him! He just brings out the inner-nut in you! Lol! His humor is just crude and rude! Lol! I enjoyed seeing Rebel Wilson in the movie simply because she adds her own brand of humor to any & everything! My favorite- absolute all-time favorite scene in the film has got to be the scene with the elephants! I am laughing hysterically right now just thinking back to it. 

Strong played the role of a spy so damn good that at times, I felt like I was watching a live action movie minus the stupid humor. Lol! This film has so many funny parts thanks to Cohen that I just had to keep my mouth open in awe at what I saw. There is no way that there are people in the world today that act as stupid as the characters Cohen portrays. But he had to have gotten his material from somewhere, right? I mean who writes out the year 2016 as 200016 (the way that it sounds)? I loved how the brothers came back together and found one another amidst the circumstances. 

As I have always said and believed, even in comedy movies like this one or any one- there is still a very valuable lesson that one can attain from every movie that hits the big screen and that was the lesson from this one that brothers who are inseparable can be separated for years, but will find their way back to each other if it is meant to be and it was- meant to be in order for them to take out a threat.


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