"Allegiant" Stops Here {Grade of C}

I'll start off by saying that the movie was kind of good and kind of bad- considering that Kate Winslet was not in the film because she died in the last film- she added a sense of corruption and anguish to the films in the series. I love watching James & Woodley kick butt and be fearless lovers! They really have on-screen chemistry considering where James' character came from in the first film, Divergent

In this film, someone died in Tris' crew and that was sad but is no shocker because of what they were fighting for. There were parts in the film that made me close my eyes and nod off a couple of times and then there were parts that were good. All in all, this was an average movie. Not the very best. 

I have to admit that no matter how much I love the roles that the actors play- I try to keep it real on my ratings and this movie was long and at times I wanted it to hurry up and get over with and I felt disappointed that I was feeling that way considering I was one of millions; I assume to be overly excited to see this movie come into theaters.

It would have been great to witness this film in IMAX- there is a part in the beginning of the film with Four & Tris in slow motion with one killer explosion that would have sounded and looked great on the IMAX screen I wish I could have seen. Just that one part! Lol!