"The Perfect Match" Doesn't Exist! {Grade of B}

Love is certainly NOT blind when it comes to the paler getting played himself. Terrence J portrayed the role perfectly as to how men play women all day every day. This was a predictable movie in that aspect, but the plot twist from the character of Eva- all I have to say is, "woah, watch out!" Looks are and can very well be deceiving! What I drew from this movie was that the main character played by Terrence J was a man who never was open to love or commitment due to problems he had to overcome in his personal- very personal life. 

He was the type to "dish" everything out to people esp. to women but then when the tables turned on him and he got treated the same exact way he treated women he couldn't accept nor could he take it. Charlie's relationship with Eva was the PERFECT BAD MATCH for him because he needed someone to show him how he treats people in his life; not only women, but his family and friends and what  he took for granted. His sister, Sherry was a therapist and she tried to tell him to change and to accept that he was capable of change and life is not all about sex all the time. 

She kept it real with him- she did not tell him what he wanted to hear, but what he NEEDED to hear. Charlie's friend Ginger and her husband was the PERFECT GOOD MATCH simply because if he had not been hurt by Eva he never would have come to the realizations that he did at the close of the film and realized how good he had it with people who loved him and forced him to take a long hard look at his life. This movie was about more than hot steamy sex on a movie screen. 

To me, it was about forcing someone to realize what thy have before it is too late and to know that change can happen if you want it for yourself and that it is never too late to change. It was real on a lot of levels and it was sexual as well. It had a mixture of both that balanced out equally to be the perfect match for me to watch!